Operated by the Brother Hotel, the Bakery has been insisting on the hotel’s policy of being practical and down-to-earth by making it easy for passing patrons to enjoy delicious bread and pastries with confidence. With over 100 breads and pastries freshly handmade at the premise (no overnight items sold), the Bakery serves different seasonal items that are baked to nourish your day with great flavors and convenience. The Bakery also offers exquisite meals, popular lunchboxes and signature gift sets (i.e., Longan & Walnut Cake Box, Mochi Series Box) for those looking for to buy the perfect souvenir.
Service Unit Brother Hotel 1F Bakery
Business Hours 7:00~21:30
15% discount applies to all breads and pastries (excluding gift boxes) after 20:30 ✬
Free delivery service in Taipei City for purchases of NT$ 5,000 or more (additional charges apply for delivery to Tianmu, Beitou, Muzha, Donghu and so forth). Delivery hours: 10:00~18:00.
Banquet lunchboxes have a minimum order quantity of 20 (NT$ 80++ per lunchbox) (Create your own combination of lunchbox contents – price calculated based on item selection).
To ensure sufficient quantities for your order, please pay a deposit (40%) in person at the store 4 days prior to collection to confirm the details of your purchase.
The bakery will not accept credit card payments; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Inquiry Tel.
(02)2712-3456 ext. Bakery