Staying true to our initial intentions to achieve greatness
Behind the common term of “social responsibility” there lies the unchanged “commitment” we have made since our inception. Whether it is a hotel or a baseball team, the road to success is never easy. At Brother Hotel, we have no cozy decoration but a down-to-earth commitment. Although there are challenges and obstacles in our way, we climb a step every day.
Service Philosophy
Here at Brother Hotel, we treat our guests like brothers and it is not merely a slogan. Every comfortable and elegant guestroom; every healthy and carefully prepared dish and every gesture of thought and consideration reflects the dedication and earnestness we extend to our guests as if they were our family.
The only thing more difficult than initiating a business is maintaining it
After eight long months of toil and effort of acquisition, the founder of Brother Hotel finally managed to secure the site to the hotel. Driven by a passion to create a “home”, the founder enlisted the expertise of renowned architect and construction firm with little regard for the costs by choosing only the best materials and construction methods. And thus on September 13 1979, the Brother Hotel was initiated with the “5H Philosophy”.
There were no glamorous ribbon cutting or fancy ceremonies at the inauguration of the hotel. Although Brother Hotel started its operation on a low note, it represented the management philosophies of Health, Honor, Harmony, Honesty and Humility. With 304 rooms and four restaurants offering Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Western cuisines, Brother Hotel forayed into the competition as a mid-sized business hotel.
In addition to the hotel, due to the management’ s love for baseball, the owner of Brother Hotel embarked on a mission to visit renowned domestic corporations to promote the idea of establishing a professional baseball league in Taiwan and helping other interested corporations to set up their teams. At the same time, the owner of Brother Hotel also introduced foreign players from Central and South America to be evenly distributed by the four teams in the league (4 foreign players per team). The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) administration took the initiative to introduce four mascots of “Dragon”, “Tiger”, “Lion” and “Elephant” from Japan to Taiwan and established two cheerleading teams for league matches. The owner of Brother Hotel also handpicked a team of umpires to be sent to Japan for training and hired senior umpires from Japan to supervise them. In order to facilitate the matches, the team organized numerous fan conventions to foster bonding between the players and fans. The owner of Brother Hotel even went as far as going to Japan and sealing the agreement that the 12 Japanese baseball teams would refrain from headhunting Taiwanese players for 5 years. With such selfless and down-to-earth attitude, the owner of Brother Hotel gave life to professional baseball in Taiwan and Brother Hotel became the first business hotel in Taiwan to own its professional baseball team.