The charms of Szechuan cuisine originate from its flavors. The richness of Szechuan cuisine is aptly described in the Chinese saying of “Seven flavors and eight tastes”. The seven flavors refer to sweetness, acidity, numbness, spiciness, bitterness, fragrance and saltiness, while the eight tastes comprise of fish fragrance, sourness and spiciness, pepper, exotic fragrance, hot and spiciness, chili oil, ginger sauce and home-style cuisine. Prepared with deftness and skill by the chefs, the dishes offer rich, distinctive layers of flavors to become part of incredible Szechuan feasts on your very table. In addition to the traditional home-styled Szechuan dishes, the Osmanthus Room also offers a selection of made-on-premise Szechuan snacks that are diverse, exquisite and fair-priced. Come and experience the captivating magic of Szechuan food for yourself with the freshly prepared and flavorsome Szechuan cuisine.
Location Brother Hotel 14F
Business Hours 11:00~14:30 / 17:00~21:30
Seating Capacity
Up to a total of 33 tables.
Private rooms available (Patrons may request for private rooms by reaching minimum spending).
A special menu is available on festivals.
A service fee of NT$50 per person / NT$ 500 per table for wines brought in is to be charged.
A service fee of 10% is to be charged extra.
Inquiry Tel.
(02)2712-3456 ext. Osmanthus Room
Reminder from the Department of Health, ROC: Minors are prohibited to drink. Immoderate drinking is hazardous to health.