The Rose Room takes pride in the ingenious marriage of exquisite and innovative food by combining profound oriental cultural background with the diverse western culinary techniques. With an impressive selection of buffet dishes that include cold dishes, salad, seafood, Western cuisine, Chinese-styled stirred-fried dishes, Japanese food, exquisite desserts, fresh fruits, beverages and specially prepared seasonal dishes, the Rose Room is an ideal choice for healthy food at fair prices. If you are looking to host a class reunion party, banquet for your customers, orientation banquet or family gathering, look no further than the Rose Room.
Location Brother Hotel 13F
Business Hours Breakfast:06:00~10:00
Afternoon Tea:14:30~17:00
Seating Capacity
The venue can be separated into 1 large private room, 1 mid-sized private room and 1 small private room.
(Large private room seats 60; mid-sized private room seats 40 and small private room seats 40. The banquet hall seats 180)
Patrons may request for private rooms by reaching minimum spending ✬
Weekday – Monday through Friday; Holiday (Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays). Special meals and pricing available on festive occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Lunar Chinese New Year and so forth; please call to inquire.
Infants and children will be charged based on their height: patrons between 90 cm ~ 110 cm in height shall be deemed as infants; between 110 cm ~ 130 cm as children and over 130 cm as adults.
A service fee of NT$50 per person for wines brought in is to be charged.
A service fee of 10% is to be charged extra.
Inquiry Tel.
(02)2712-3456 ext. Rose Room
Reminder from the Department of Health, ROC:
Minors are prohibited to drink.
Immoderate drinking is hazardous to health.