Featuring carefully selected natural ingredients, the “low sugar, low cream and lite” handmade pastries prepared by the professional pastry chefs at the Brother Hotel duly reflect the hotel’s insistence and dedication to cherishing our customers. These seemingly simple looking pastries offer rich and solid flavors that came from our passion for great food and commitment to customers. The delicious and healthy pastries from us shall mark the start of a joyful relationship between our customers and the Brother Hotel.
Service Unit Brother Hotel 1F CAKE & PASTRY DIVISION
Business Hours 9:30~21:30
A variety of additional fillings available for preordered cakes (charged separately). Please call to inquire.
Please call in advance for large quantity orders to ensure product texture and freshness. Please make a deposit payment at the hotel in person 5 days prior to pick-up.
The minimum amount for using credit card here is NT$250.
Inquiry Tel.
(02)2712-3456 ext. Cake & Pastry Division