Furnished in rich Japanese styled decor, the Chrysanthemum Room strives to deliver the very best of classic Japanese cuisine that is renowned worldwide for its elegance. Here you will find an exciting assortment of banquet cuisine that varies with seasons, fine set meals, fresh and delectable seafood featuring ingenious use of seasonal ingredients and simple condiments to accentuate the natural flavors of ingredients for patrons to experience the exquisiteness of Japanese cuisine.
The chefs at the Chrysanthemum Room have also created a series of Japanese styled lunchboxes so that you can take a brief retreat to relish a moment of tasteful lifestyle from your daily work.
Location Brother Hotel B1
Business Hours 11:00~14:30 /17:00~22:00
Seating Capacity
Bar counter and lounge seats: 60 seats/ private room: up to 34 seats.
Patrons may request for private rooms by reaching minimum spending (per head). ✬
A special menu is available on festivals.
A service fee of NT$50 per person for wines brought in is to be charged.
A service fee of 10% is to be charged extra.
Inquiry Tel.
(02)2712-3456 ext. Chrysanthemum Room
Reminder from the Department of Health, ROC:
Minors are prohibited to drink.
Immoderate drinking is hazardous to health.